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Help people to become smarter every day!


The Mega-IQ service allows visitors to pass free IQ test online.

Mega-iq.com was launched in October 2008, massively updated in 2019.

5 different IQ tests are available: practice, standard, mega, math, grammar. Each test has a set of questions that are randomly selected from the questions database. Database contains 201 questions available in 3 languages.

The source code is available at Github.

Mega IQ UI - github.com/maxsv0/mega-iq-ui, Angular 7

Mega IQ API - github.com/maxsv0/mega-iq-api, Java Spring Boot

Meet the Mega-IQ Team


Ainel Sanchez Software Developer

Max Svistunov Solution Architect

Olga Svistunova Business Analyst

Contact support@mega-iq.com in case of any questions.

To report a bug, or request a new feature please use GitHub Issues tracker.